Situated In the famous city of Jodhpur, ”Gulab Halwa Wala” has created a unique presence in the hearts of people loving exotic taste. You will find very few cities, whose name has become synonyms with the very famous item which the city offers. So is the case with Gulab Halwa which has become synonyms of Pali city, Rajasthan. With the attractive and inviting presentation of the Halwa, made from pure milk, consisting of sweet brown coloured beautiful granules, and sprinkling of pistachio on the people can’t resist themselves from eating it over and over again. Having the specialized qualities, taste and high nourishment value, the Gulab Halwa is not only famous in India, but also world over and has become their first choice. Shri Gulab ji, a resident of tiny city Pali, Rajasthan, India developed this unique world famous Gulab Halwa 40 year ago, is in all praise for the family like staff and the valuable customers for taking Gulab Halwa to such heights.
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